Planning your Boulder Headshot Session

No matter what kind of professional photography session you need there are some common planning tips. 


Step 1) Planning Your ideal photoshoot look

Deciding on your style is the first step towards a successful shoot. I have my clients scour the web for the portrait looks that inspire them. Screenshot those photographs to share with me so we may get a sense of what you like in professional photography. What you lie about a headshot photo may not be the entire photograph, but you may one aspect of it. This will help guide our shoot planning conversation. This will not only inform our location choice and lighting set up but also your wardrobe, hair, and makeup. The first step towards a killer Boulder portrait is doing your homework and getting on the same page as the photographer. 

Step 2) Pick a date and venue for your professional headshot

Pick a date so you can plan your professional Boulder photoshoot around that. Before the shoot you may need to:

  • Secure a venue
  • Make hairdressing appointments
  • Make professional makeup appointments
  • Purchase new clothes
  • ...and even have them tailored


Step 3) Stylist, Hair, Makeup

I have some of Boulder and Denver's best photoshoot clothing stylists, makeup artists and hair stylists available to be on set. Having these other professionals at the shoot location making sure the shoot runs as smoothly as possible and you look your very best can make the difference between an average headshot and the very best. There is an extra charge for these services so let's discuss your specific needs.